How to do kyc on valyou ekyc app?

Please follow the steps

Frequently Asked Questions

Any individual who is 18 years old and above, who posses a valid passport together along with a
Malaysian internet banking account.

Unfortunately, no. Currently, our app only supports passport for these countries; Bangladesh,
Indonesia, India, Nepal, Pakistan, Philippines, and Vietnam.

It is free to download the Valyou eKYC app from Google Play. However, please note that RM1
will be charge from your account as a registration fee.

Once you have submitted your documents, it will usually take no longer than 2 working days.

No. eKYC registration can be linked to one unique mobile number and ID number.

Valyou eKYC app is currently only in English, Bangla, Indonesia, Mandarin, Nepali, Urdu, and Vietnam language.

No. This is 100% paperless process for completing your eKYC process.

You can update or upgrade your account with the help of our CSO agent.

New beneficiary can be added in Beneficiary Management. User need to authenticate mobile no and take a selfie to login to the Beneficiary Management.

Valyou eKYC app is for new mobile wallet registration only.

Unfortunately, no. We accept original passport only.

No. You are allowed to add beneficiary of home country only.